It’s Truly Organic

Introducing a new way to satisfy your urge to grow your own fresh organic greens and create a beautiful space while you’re at it!

What's better than receiving greens harvested directly from the farm? Organic greens harvested directly from the wall of your home or business, at the peak of freshness.




Seedling Refresh

Watch and learn how the seedling refresh program works. We will send you an initial supply to plant when you initially get your system. Then you will receive a new supply 7-8 weeks later.


Nothing like this in the Marketplace

Each Edible Living Wall System comes with a custom crafted Living Wall Structure on a mobile cart (optional) and an initial supply of Seedlings to get started.

    • True organic greens (salad/stir fry greens, micro-greens, herbs and edible flowers) - with proprietary organic soil to fill pots.

    • Mobile or Stationary Wall System - complete with recirculating pump, irrigation system, and timer.

    • Seedling Replenishment program - year round seedling shipments with nutrient dense soil and amendments delivered every 7-8 weeks.

    • Custom curated seedlings, including many rare and heirloom varieties you’ll never find in your local grocery store or garden center.

    • Complete custom crafted mobile or stationary wall unit with different size options.

    • Tutorial, care guides, and video support to ensure your organic farming success


Choose from 3 Wall Systems

Large 1-sided wall, 63 Pots
4’ 8” Wide x 6’ Tall x 2’ 10” Deep / Mobile or Stationary Wall

Ideally suited for businesses and restaurants interested in providing the freshest organic greens for their employees and customers. Or for the gardener who also wants a beautiful work of art to fill a space.

Compact 1-sided wall, 20 Pots
1’ 9” Wide x 6’ Tall x 1’ 4” Deep / Mobile or Stationary Wall

Perfect for the novice edible gardener (or pro) that wants to start farming but has limited space and time. The 20 pot system is just right for a small family.

Compact 2-sided wall, 40 Pots
1’ 9” Wide x 6’ Tall x 1’ 4” Deep / Mobile or Stationary Wall

For those more adventurous, we give you the ability to grow food on both sides of the wall. Harvest one side while the other grows in, or face sun-loving herbs and tomatoes South so they get strong afternoon sun, and let the leafy greens get the full morning sun and afternoon shade they prefer.


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